Big Cat Hunter

Big Cat Hunter


Pee Dee Catfish

The Pee Dee River runs from North Carolina down through South Carolina and out to the Atlantic, generating electricity along the way at numerous dams. Water flow in the river is carefully controlled both day and night, making it either a full bank river with sometimes heavy current to a very still, very Catfish Randyshallow home to big rocks.

Randy "Big Cat Hunter" Willard has been fishing the Blewett Falls area for most of his life. He made it his business to learn this stretch of the river like the back of his hand, and then to learn to catch the fish – big fish – that inhabit this very special place. If you are after big cats, Randy Willard is the "Big Cat Hunter.

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Big Cat Hunter Guide Service

For Randy "Big Cat Hunter" Willard, first and foremost it's about catching trophy catfish on the river, second only to the old ducks, mix in a little deer hunting. I provide catfish guiding on the Pee Dee River but I also work for a living. CatfishInterests: I love to catch big catfish, and I'm not talking with jugs or limblines, I mean I really fish for them, study them, and know them for what they want to eat. I know where and why and all that good stuff about the Pee Dee Catfish. I know that it is not as easy as it looks when you see me holding a big trophy cat. There is a lot of time and planning involved and of course I would be a complete idiot to say that luck didn't factor in USA Angler Fishing Communitysometimes, but I've spent 20+ years on that river and I really enjoy it. What I enjoy the most is taking a guide trip out and to see the looks on my clients face when they land the catfish of their dreams. That's what its all about! I am Randy Willard... I am the Big Cat Hunter.

Daily Rates

I know how to catch big catfish, and when you spend a day on the river with the Big Cat Hunter, so will you. I provide all of the gear, gas, and even lunch, if you like PB&J's.


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